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Press Release: GDH Announces New Chief Revenue Officer

Dec 04 , 2018
GDH is pleased to announce that Blaine Caples has been promoted to the new role of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) . Caples has been on GDH’s Senior Leadership team for 7 years and will assume the CRO...
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Finding the Right Talent in a Tight Job Market

Nov 28 , 2018
As unemployment continues to drop and many people find jobs, it is becoming more and more difficult to find qualified, top-notch talent to fill companies' open positions. Where a few years ago there...
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Serving Multiple Government Agencies With Qualified, Cleared Talent

Nov 27 , 2018
At GDH Consulting, we know that rapid deployment of staff with particular skill sets is an imperative for many of our clients.
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9 Questions to Ask a Prospective Tech Employer

Nov 20 , 2018
Interviews are always a two-way street. The questions you ask in a tech job interview not only give you needed information for evaluating whether you would accept a job offer; they also show the...
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How to Assess a Tech Candidate's Competency

Nov 16 , 2018
Competency is supremely important in tech candidates; if they can't actually do what they say they can, they aren't of much value to any company. Unfortunately, it can be fairly easy to fake...
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Improving the Recruitment Lifecycle with Effective Partnership

Nov 12 , 2018
Many companies grapple with the complex, seemingly never-ending needs for talent sourcing. In certain industries, where the demand for talent is much greater than supply, the challenges are only...
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How to Simplify Your Job Search in 6 Steps

Nov 09 , 2018
When you’re looking for a job, every task, approach, and idea seems to be important. Finding IT jobs can be a full-time gig. Fortunately, there’re some steps you can take to make the search a bit...
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6 Tips for Streamlining Year-End Close

Nov 06 , 2018
Enterprise teams that want to streamline their year-end close process, take note. Here are some tips and a way to reduce everyone's stress at this busy time.
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GDH Press Release - New Professional Services Group & Offerings

Oct 31 , 2018
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Should You Include Buzzwords on Your Resume?

Oct 31 , 2018
Buzzwords are keywords and phrases that, if used well, will quickly make your resume stand out from others and show that you are qualified for a given job. Using the right buzzwords can add value to...
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