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Top 3 Recruiting Lessons from the Pandemic

May 12 , 2021


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While some recent recruiting changes that occurred when pandemic shutdowns hit may only be temporary accommodations, others are bound to become more permanent and alter the way we do recruiting going forward.

Here are some recruiting lessons employers should have learned from the pandemic and how they can be used to your best advantage in the coming months and years. 

1. Virtual workplaces may recede, but virtual hiring is here to stay.

According to LinkedIn, 70% of respondents to a LinkedIn survey said they are likely to continue hiring virtually even after the pandemic ends because of the speed and convenience of this method. Virtual hiring can also provide cost savings compared to flying a number of candidates into town for an in-person interview. 


2. Diversity and Inclusion will be integrated into companies' ways of doing business.

While not directly a result of the pandemic, the attention during 2020 to racial disparities has pushed diversity and inclusion into a more prominent position in many companies. 

A significant number of companies of all sizes made commitments to address diversity in 2020 and beyond. Recruiters can use this information in their efforts since 70% of job seekers said a company committed to D&I was important to them.

3. Faster hiring is no longer optional.

During the pandemic, it seemed that workplace conditions changed on an almost daily basis. One day, management was transitioning everyone to virtual and laying off workers or paying them to stay home with PPP funds. Soon after, local officials reopened businesses with mask mandates, and employers might need more workers to deal with demand and additional cleaning or other safety protocols. 

The rapid changes brought on by the pandemic have translated to hiring as well. While virtual hiring has helped speed up the recruiting process, it is important to use technology and other tools now available to streamline and accelerate the hiring process as much as possible to meet key needs and stay responsive in the current atmosphere.

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