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The 5 Most Coveted Tech Skills of 2019

Jul 02 , 2019

Technician working on hardware.

As you look for your next job or consider making a career change, you may wonder what tech skills recruiters are seeking in top candidates right now. It's always good to keep your finger on the pulse of hiring practices because you never know when you'll come across a great opportunity.

Here are some of the most coveted tech skills of 2019, according to today's employers and recruiters. 

1.  Cloud computing.

While more people may be adopting brand new technologies like AI and blockchain, most companies are already in the cloud in major ways like data storage and SAAS (software as a service) applications. The cloud is huge, and it needs large numbers of staff to handle the crowds that want to use it.

2. U/X design.

User experience is paramount in an age where most people don't fully understand the technologies they use, and don't have the patience to follow complicated usage instructions. An application that isn't user-friendly will be abandoned by most. Popularity (read: profitability) depends on an easy and positive user experience.

Woman typing on a laptop computer at her desk.

3. Artificial intelligence.

True AI doesn't yet exist, but programmers are working feverishly to develop it and getting closer all the time. Who doesn't want to be on the cutting edge of a technology that has the potential to reshape the world as we know it radically? And in the meanwhile, AI, as it exists today, continues to streamline tasks and make them easier than ever before. 

4. Analytical reasoning.

This soft skill is more important than ever as companies are inundated with data that they need to organize and understand. Analytical reasoning is not only needed to make data mean something significant, but it also comes in handy for solving all kinds of problems that typically crop up in the technology arena.

5. Blockchain.

Just a few years ago, only a few thousand people in the world knew anything about blockchain technology, but now it is beginning to have broader applications than just mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Some think blockchain has the potential to replace other security technologies and could eliminate many types of breaches that currently cause problems for companies. And as new cryptocurrencies are developed on what seems like a daily basis, blockchain developers are needed to create the systems for mining each one and keeping them secure as well.

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