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The 6 Biggest IT Job Search Distractions

Aug 31 , 2016
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The IT job search process can be full of distractions, which can derail even the most focused job searcher. It's easy to become distracted from your job search, which for most people is unpleasant enough to begin with. Some people even look for distractions to avoid the negative feelings that come from a job search or to avoid the job search process itself. Here are some of the biggest IT job search distractions along with some tips for overcoming them.

1. Social Media

Although social media can be helpful in a job search, it's easy to get in the habit of checking your news feed or messages too often. Many job seekers also spend more time surfing their friends' posts or other pages that aren't job search-related. Setting specific times and time limits for checking social media will help you avoid losing too much time in this fashion.

2. "Helping" Family and Friends

When those around you get wind that you aren't at work all day, they may bombard you with requests for help or social invitations. Although helping others may help you to forget your own problems and make you feel good for a while, it's important to set limits for how much time you spend away from your job search and to leave yourself some down time as well.

3. Perpetual Vacation Mode

When you are used to working, it may feel very much like vacation to be at home without work to do. While there's nothing wrong with taking some time between job applications to do something fun or even go away for a few days here and there, some IT job seekers get caught up in going from one vacation experience to another, and job searching can get pushed aside. Although it may be true that once you get a job, you won't be able to take time off for a while, you could find yourself with quite a long stretch of time off if you don't make time to actually conduct a job search.

IT jobs
4. Netflix

Binge-watching has only been possible for a few years, but it's something to be aware of as a possible distraction to a job search. Doing what you need to do for your search first, and setting time limits for Netflix (or any TV-watching) will keep you from getting lost in another world for too long.

5. Your Smartphone

Those little phones do everything now, and it is hard to put them down for too long when they are constantly beeping and buzzing at you. Turning off notifications as much as possible and having designated (short) time increments for checking in will keep you from missing out on that new job posting because you're too busy texting or playing Candy Crush.

6. Intrusive Thoughts

When you're trying to job search, you may start thinking about a bill you need to pay or when you're going to do the dishes. Keep a pad next to your workspace so you can jot these items down to take care of later.

Banishing these common distractions will make your job search more effective and can lead to a job opportunity much faster than spending hours every day being distracted. GDH wants to help your IT job search with their talent network and job boards. Join today!