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The Rise of Mobile Recruiting

Oct 14 , 2015

Job seekers are using every device possible to their advantage as they look for jobs.

Mobile recruiting isn't really all that new. It started in 2007 or so as more job candidates began to use their smartphones for almost everything. But the recession of 2008 and beyond put a damper on mobile recruiting because most employers curtailed their hiring for several years and didn't feel the need to optimize a system they weren't using.

Now that hiring has come back somewhat, mobile recruiting has risen to prominence for several reasons, and there seems to be no going back. Here's how job seekers use their mobile devices to look for jobs, and what your company can do to meet the mobile-friendly demand.

Why Job Seekers Are Going Mobile

Obviously, there are challenges to using a mobile device to look for and apply for jobs. And yet, more and more job seekers choose this method every day. While it's generally easier to navigate and submit forms from a laptop or desktop computer, there's a problem with doing so that isn't easy to solve: portability.

Job seekers, like the rest of us, check their phones while they are out running errands, waiting for their laundry to get done, or standing in line at the store. When job seekers see a promising job on their mobile devices, they want to follow through and apply for it right then and there before they lose track of it or miss their opportunity.

The rise of mobile recruiting has everything to do with convenience and immediacy. These trends benefit both sides - the faster a position is filled, the better it is for the recruiter. Whether job seekers need to use mobile devices because they are away from their computers, or whether they just want to use them out of convenience and habit, mobile use for job searches is here to stay.

Mobile recruiting isn't the future, it's now.

What Hiring Managers and Recruiters Need to Know

Mobile optimization is no longer an option but a necessity. Company websites must be mobile optimized to avoid losing some of the best candidates. Including a "jobs here" button to make it easy for applicants to find what they need is the only way to prevent frustrated job seekers from giving up on your company when they can't find out how to apply on your mobile site.

Many applicants are beginning to ditch their resumes and now merely submit their social media profile, which contains all relevant information anyway. Getting your site (and your hiring team) ready for this growing practice is another important step to mobile recruiting. Video interviews are another area that is going mobile and requires preparation to be ready.

You can use Google or other analytics programs to determine how many of your visitors are using mobile devices. This will show you the importance of site responsiveness and where to put your energy in optimizing your site. There are apps and software available not only to mobilize your site, but to add in niceties like text reminders for interviews and updates on the status of open positions. Candidates appreciate these touches and will form a favorable view of your company even if they don't get hired this time.

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