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Top Tips for Working with a GDH Recruiter

Feb 23 , 2015

Top Tips for Working with a GDH Recruiter

At GDH, we pride ourselves with being responsive and empathetic to our candidates. We know that a job search and career move is a big step. Here are a few tips for working with your GDH Recruiter when searching for your next role:

1. Honesty is key.

  • Keep track of positions you apply for, and be honest with your recruiter about it. If you can’t remember, let them know. Sometimes there are multiple firms working to fill one position. You want to make sure your resume isn’t being sent by more than one agency. It doesn’t better your chances. In fact, many times the client will ignore the resumes that get sent twice. Other times, they take it from who sent it first. Unfortunately, sometimes the agency that sent it first never got the “okay” from the candidate (you) before sending. Make sure you know who has your resume and is representing you.
  • Keep your recruiter informed. If you land an interview or receive a job offer while in the interview process with GDH or one of our clients, let us know. Sometimes we’ll be able to speed up the decision from our clients.

2. Help them help you.

  • List your top 3 achievements, and be prepared to give facts and numbers to back them up. They WILL use this information to try and help you land the interview with the client.
  • Don’t lie about your experience or skills. This will only hurt you once in the client interview stages. 
  • If you’re working with a local recruiter, let them know what companies you’re interested in working at. They may already have connections there.

3. Communicate: Be thorough.

  • Make sure your recruiter knows your true needs vs wants. You don’t want to miss out an opportunity because they assume you wouldn’t be interested.
  • Be very open about your availability to interview and start a new position. Sometimes we can get interviews scheduled faster if we have your availability while we review your resume with a client.
  • If you have hesitations about a position before or after you interview, tell us. We’ll try to find answers for you before you’re too far into the process.
  • If your recruiter calls about a position you aren’t interested in, you may know someone who is. If we place someone you refer, you’ll get paid a bonus!

If you have any questions, or want to be put in touch with a GDH Recruiter, contact us. We’re here to help. Good luck with your job search!