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7 Things to Think About Before Accepting a Job Offer

Jul 14 , 2022
Job searches are stressful, but when you finally get a job offer, you need to decide if it's one worth taking. Before you say "yes" to that new job, here are some things you need to consider.
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The Downsides of Accepting a Counteroffer

May 23 , 2022
When you receive an attractive job offer from a new company, it is a common practice to go to your existing supervisor and share this news with them. Intending to leave your job after appropriate...
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How to Create an Eye-Catching Resume

May 10 , 2022
You don't have a lot of time to grab the attention of a hiring manager. A 2018 study by Ladders, Inc. revealed recruiters and hiring managers only spend an average of 7.4 seconds reading a job...
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How to Answer Questions About Missing Resume Items

Apr 26 , 2022
Prevailing advice about resumes says to condense your life's work history and experience down as small as possible while still including everything important. But what do you do when the interviewer...
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How Professional Certifications Can Enhance Your Job Search and Career

Jan 25 , 2022
What if there was just one thing you could do to help enhance your job search and career? Getting a professional certification can help demonstrate to employers that you have the knowledge required...
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The Past Two Years Were Weird - Here's How You Can Explain Employment Gaps

Dec 02 , 2021
An employment gap--a time during your work history when you were not employed--can be one of the most challenging hurdles in the interview process. Employment gaps used to be seen as a big problem...
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How to Develop an Effective Job Search Plan

Nov 17 , 2021
Like most things in the professional world, you have a greater chance of job search success with a plan. Full-fledged job searching isn't as simple any more as looking at job ads (postings) and...
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How to Write an Effective Thank You Letter After an Interview (with Examples)

Nov 02 , 2021
After an interview, you may feel relief that the "interrogation" is over and anxiety as you wait for the interview team to make a decision about whether to offer you a job. But even acing an...
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Figure Out Which Resume Format Works Best for You (with Examples)

Oct 04 , 2021
As a job seeker, you know that, in many cases, a resume is the main piece of information that prospective employers use to screen candidates and decide whether to move them forward in the hiring...
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How to Find an Employer That Shares Your Values

Sep 21 , 2021
Since their inception, most companies have developed values and a company culture that gives employees an impression about what they stand for, believe, and work toward. It is important for job...
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