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What Do Gen Z Job Seekers Want?

Jun 03 , 2021

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Each generation seems to have unique characteristics and challenges that must be addressed by employers to bring out the best in those workers. As Generation Z begins to enter the workplace in large numbers, employers will want to figure out what job seekers in this generation want and need in their jobs and workplaces.

What do Gen Z job seekers want? Read on for a snapshot. 

A Personable Work Environment

Professionalism is one thing, but Generation Z workers want the workplace to feel friendly and personable. They want to know that the employer cares about them, not just about the bottom line. This also extends to feedback--they definitely want feedback if it is done in a positive and personable way.  Even remote workers will expect a robust company culture that they can tap into and feel comfortable with.

Work-Life Balance

You're not going to find the typical Generation Z worker working constant overtime and giving up their personal life for the job. In fact, 38% of Generation Z workers said work-life balance was more important than a top salary in one survey. Not only do these workers consider flexible work schedules and a few weeks of paid time off important, but they also want to see employee assistance programs and other supports that will help them give their best to the job when they are there.

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Stress Management

Many Generation Z workers were just starting their careers when the world got shut down due to the pandemic. The loss of many jobs at this critical time will leave a lasting impact on stress levels that can be helped by a good employer that understands what these workers need--at the very least, emotional support and training for handling stress effectively going forward. 


Generation Z has seen plenty of corruption and is super-sensitive to leaders who don't do what they tell others to do. If you want to keep their respect, you want to be transparent and willing to explain why rules and requirements are in place. This group also needs managers and supervisors who will be authentic with them. It doesn't matter as much to this age group if things are perfectly polished, but they want to know you are living what you preach, even if it's challenging to do so.

Diversity and Inclusion

Most of Generation Z grew up with anti-bullying programs in their schools and learned to treat everyone with equal fairness and respect. They expect no less from their employers and want to see programs in place that encourage diversity and inclusion in hiring and promotion practices. 

Addressing these areas will go a long way toward attracting and keeping Generation Z employees and could give you an advantage in hiring this age group. 

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