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What Top Quality IT Employees Have in Common

Aug 12 , 2015

Personal characteristics can be as important in an IT employee as technical expertise.

IT job descriptions are often very specific about the skills needed for the position. It may be a specific programming language, technical support ability, or project management skills, but it's not likely an applicant will get the job without the required skills.

Hiring managers for IT positions should consider more than just whether the applicant has the technical skills required, however. Technical knowledge can be taught in many cases, but there are qualities that top employees have in common, many of which can't be taught or seem to be more basic to who a person is.

Using Inner Resources

Top IT employees seem to have inner resources that help them to excel in their jobs. Instead of needing to be spoon fed and told what to do every minute, these employees have the ability to figure things out using a combination of skills. Doing research, asking good questions and trying out different options are some of the skills involved in figuring things out, and employees who are able to use these skills will find ways to get the job done even when their boss is too busy to help them every second.

Being self-directed is another aspect of using your inner resources. Hand-holding is not always possible in fast-paced IT jobs, many of which are seriously behind schedule by the time hiring can occur. The ability to figure out what needs to be done and then do it even when no one is watching can distinguish a top notch employee from an average one.

Today's IT workplace is filled with distractions, from urgent problems to checking your email for the 150th time in 2 hours. Being able to shut out distractions and focus on the task at hand can mean the difference between completing a project on time and floundering in a sea of chaos.

Considering criteria for each job posted is important.

Fostering Personal Character

Employees who are honest and display integrity make top quality IT employees because they will draw clients and co-workers toward them in respect and admiration. Honest employees also tend to be hard-working and seek what is best for the company. Because they won't employ deceit to make it look like they are working hard when they actually aren't, what you see is what you will get, which is refreshing in an age where so much deceit abounds.

Having passion for the things of your life, including work, is another quality top employees share. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude are contagious, and an IT employee who exudes those qualities will soon have co-workers with similar ones.

Can Follow Directions

IT employees who are good at figuring things out are often not great at following directions, but other employees are just not detail-oriented or don't listen closely enough to be able to follow directions well. Nevertheless, part of being a successful IT employee means knowing what is required and being able to meet those requirements.

Leadership and Teamwork

Top IT employees will show the ability to lead others but will be able to work as a team. Good leaders know when and how to step forward and when to be a good team member.

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