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Where Job Seekers Hang Out (And How Hiring Managers Can Meet Them There)

Jan 21 , 2016

Of course, job seekers hang out on social media, but where specifically do they hang out?

For many IT job openings, it is increasingly difficult to find quality candidates with enough skills and experience to have any chance of success. Employers don't want to settle for a candidate that has little chance of being able to do the job, but their best efforts to fill the position often come up short.

One thing hiring managers can do to find a larger pool of candidates is to identify the places, both physical and virtual, that IT professionals hang out. The majority of currently employed professionals would consider changing jobs even if they aren't actively looking. Finding these IT professionals and being able to communicate with them may turn up qualified candidates that would not be identified in traditional ways like job board postings or classified ads.

Job Seekers On Social Media

Hardcore IT job seekers may be reading the blog posts advising them to connect with hiring managers on LinkedIn or join a recruiter's talent network, but where do most people naturally hang out? On more generalized social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, which have a combined user base of close to 2 billion people.

Sure, your company should maintain a LinkedIn page, but how about spending a little time on Facebook and Twitter, getting to know some job seekers and what might get them interested in your company? And be sure to post open positions on Facebook (link to them on Twitter) for maximum exposure.

Remember, you aren't just looking for the job seekers that are looking for you. The best possible candidates for your open positions may not even be actively looking for a job, but might be open to an upward career move if the conditions are right.

Business conferences are a good place to network with passive candidates.

Furthermore, there are new apps that help recruiters and hiring managers bridge the gap between LinkedIn and Facebook. BranchOut is a professional community on Facebook that facilitates job seekers building a network of business connections on top of their Facebook contacts. Hire My Friend and BeKnown (created by are other apps that are professional like LinkedIn but more personal like Facebook.

With Their Friends and Colleagues

Employee referrals are becoming a major source of new hires for many companies. You should encourage your employees to refer their qualified friends and colleagues for open positions, even if they are currently employed by other companies.

In-person or online IT conferences are also great places to network with passive job candidates. Your company should be represented at all regional and online conferences and should interact as much as possible with attendees, especially those in areas of need for the company.

Given that approximately 80% of jobs are found through some form of networking, it only makes sense that hiring managers need to do their part if they want to find the best candidates to fill their open positions. Going where the candidates are, particularly passive candidates, can fill those positions faster and with higher quality hires that will work out better in the long run and end up saving the company lots of money.

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