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Why Your Company Should Outsource IT Recruiting

Mar 29 , 2016

There are many benefits to outsourcing your IT recruiting.

Many companies balk at paying to hire recruiting help for their open IT positions. Recruiting can seem like an unnecessary cost when you have an HR department and hiring managers, but IT recruiters are equipped to provide services that an HR department can't, especially when it comes to IT recruiting.

The Growing Need for IT Recruiting

IT jobs are growing and are expected to keep growing, expanding 12% by 2024. Already, many companies have a difficult time filling specialized positions. Between a growing millennial workforce willing to change jobs when it benefits them and the coming shortage of high-tech workers, it's only going to get much more difficult to recruit IT workers over the next few years.

IT recruiters can handle a company's entire IT recruitment effort, or they can provide specific services to supplement the company's own efforts. In this way, a company can fill in gaps and gain expertise in areas of need while using its own efforts in areas where its HR department has adequate competency.

Some services IT recruiters can provide include the following:

--Candidate research, such as background checks, looking at social media profiles, and checking references.

--Screening resumes to find candidates

--Hiring manager training in the specifics of how to make a good IT hire and what the steps of the hiring process are.

--Mapping processes in the IT hiring process so that hiring managers know how to proceed.

--Using recruiting resources such as talent networks and existing relationships with IT talent to find qualified candidates.

An IT recruiter can help draw talent to your company.

How Outsourcing Can Make the Difference

Let's face it: HR staff may not have the expertise needed to make successful IT hires. Even with an IT hiring manager's help, the HR department isn't likely to have the technical expertise to hire well, or the time to learn what is needed. IT recruiters, on the other hand, have the background and knowledge to identify key skills and assess how candidates will fit into a position.

Another consideration is the time it takes for a company to develop the relationships involved in today's recruiting efforts. Far beyond collecting resumes and running them through a software program, IT recruiters spend a significant amount of time developing talent networks and social media relationships that they can then use to identify potential candidates when open positions arise. Few hiring managers or HR staffers have the time to develop these networks and form these relationships specifically in the IT field.

When an IT hire doesn't work out, it can cost a company thousands of dollars to conduct a new job search, hire, and complete on-boarding a second time. You can increase your odds of a successful IT hire by using recruiting services specifically designed to create successful hires.

GDH Consulting provides recruiting services to support and augment your company's efforts. Contact us for an assessment of how we can help your company with IT recruiting.